11 hours agoalberth(svn r26849) -Fix[FS#6113]: Better display of refit information in articulated vehicles. default tip
11 hours agoalberth(svn r26848) -Codechange: Unduplicate summing of cargo capacities in GetTotalCapacityOfArticulatedParts.
13 hours agofonsinchen(svn r26847) -Fix [FS#6110]: Don't assign a next hop when returning cargo
14 hours agotranslators(svn r26846) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
37 hours agorubidium(svn r26845) -Fix [Squirrel]: more uninitialized variables in constructors
37 hours agorubidium(svn r26844) -Fix: clang compile error
38 hours agotranslators(svn r26843) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
2 days agorubidium(svn r26842) -Codechange [Squirrel]: other simple cases of non-initialised instance variables
2 days agorubidium(svn r26841) -Codechange [Squirrel]: move the actual initialisation of instance variables of SQString into the constructor
2 days agorubidium(svn r26840) -Fix [Squirrel]: merge Init and constructor of SQSharedState
2 days agorubidium(svn r26839) -Fix [Squirrel]: some dead code and making switch fall throughs more explicit
2 days agorubidium(svn r26838) -Fix (r26831): attempt to make MSVC like the code again
2 days agorubidium(svn r26837) -Fix [Squirrel]: remove some pointless assignments
2 days agorubidium(svn r26836) -Fix [Squirrel]: merge SQLexer::Init with the constructor; there's no need to construct first and then call init in the next line
2 days agorubidium(svn r26835) -Fix [Squirrel]: remove dead code from the lexer
2 days agorubidium(svn r26834) -Fix [Squirrel]: prevent unitialized memory warning by moving code from (static) Init to constructure for SQFunctionProto
2 days agorubidium(svn r26833) -Fix [Squirrel]: remove a few bits of dead code
2 days agorubidium(svn r26832) -Fix [Squirrel]: ensure instance variable of SQNativeClosure is properly initialized
2 days agorubidium(svn r26831) -Fix [Squirrel]: (bogus) warning about falling through in a switch
2 days agorubidium(svn r26830) -Fix: WT3 string validation
2 days agotranslators(svn r26829) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
2 days agorubidium(svn r26828) -Fix: memory leak when passing -c multiple times
3 days agofrosch(svn r26827) -Change [FS#6116]: The ok-button in the OSK for the signs list should just close the OSK.
3 days agotranslators(svn r26826) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
4 days agotranslators(svn r26821) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
4 days agorubidium(svn r26819) -Fix [FS#6112] (r26787): trying to delete just loaded objects that had not yet resolved their references caused a crash upon savegame load (only when loading a game from a server, e.g. joining MP)
5 days agomichi_cc(svn r26818) -Fix [FS#AndyShouldHaveFoundFlySprayByNow] (r26758): [OSX] Line history and scrolling in the console window went on a walk.
5 days agotranslators(svn r26817) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
5 days agofrosch(svn r26816) -Fix [FS#6109]: Properly zero-initialise data in _temp_engine.
5 days agoplanetmaker(svn r26815) -Change: Allow to set the granularity of the tooltip hover time in milliseconds instead of seconds. New default value is 250ms
6 days agoplanetmaker(svn r26814) -Fix [FS#6098]: Wording of tooltip in sprite alignment tool
6 days agotranslators(svn r26813) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
7 days agotranslators(svn r26812) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
7 days agoalberth(svn r26811) -Fix[FS#6108]: Fixed spelling error in widget name.
8 days agotranslators(svn r26810) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
8 days agorubidium(svn r26809) -Fix: do not dereference the -1 index of the file names array of music files. It definitely breaks on m68k, and might cause failures on other platforms as well
9 days agotranslators(svn r26808) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
10 days agotranslators(svn r26807) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
11 days agotranslators(svn r26806) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
11 days agoalberth(svn r26805) -Feature: Allow hiding of non-interesting engines in the autoreplace GUI.
11 days agoalberth(svn r26804) -Feature: Allow hiding of non-interesting engines in the build vehicle GUI.
11 days agoalberth(svn r26803) -Doc: Document some fields in the build vehicle gui, and the rail definition struct.
11 days agoalberth(svn r26802) -Add: Command to set visibility of an engine for a company (based on patch by Juanjo).
11 days agoalberth(svn r26801) -Add: Labels above the lists in the autoreplace GUI.
11 days agoalberth(svn r26800) -Feature[FS#1640]: Vehicle sorting in autoreplace GUI.
11 days agoalberth(svn r26799) -Codechange: Export vehicle sorting data and functions.
11 days agoalberth(svn r26798) -Codechange: Code style fixes.
11 days agorubidium(svn r26797) -Codechange: rewrite the UTF8 reading code to make use of already existing functions instead of partially trying to implemented them
11 days agorubidium(svn r26796) -Fix: reading of high byte of "ASCII" files yielded a negative int8, then casted to an uint32 which caused the Squirrel lexer to bail out. Regardless... the file isn't actually ASCII, but that's beyond the point for now
11 days agofrosch(svn r26792) -Fix: TC_NO_SHADE did not work for 32bpp text rendering.
11 days agofrosch(svn r26788) -Add: Desync replay option to skip/replay failed commands
11 days agofrosch(svn r26787) -Fix (r20547): Loading a game with order backups leaked Orders and left unreachable items in the pool.
11 days agofrosch(svn r26786) -Fix: Also replay failed commands.
11 days agorubidium(svn r26785) -Fix [Squirrel]: loading a value saved as boolean caused it to be of type integer instead of boolean
12 days agorubidium(svn r26784) -Codechange [Squirrel]: use WChar for the lexer
12 days agorubidium(svn r26783) -Fix (r26781): removed one include too many
12 days agorubidium(svn r26782) -Fix (r26781): was in the wrong folder when commiting
12 days agorubidium(svn r26781) -Codechange [Squirrel]: remove includes/definitions that are already in stdafx.h
12 days agorubidium(svn r26780) -Cleanup: remove unused SQUIRREL_API macro
12 days agorubidium(svn r26779) -Cleanup [Squirrel]: remove extern "C" statements; we won't be exporting things to C from our squirrel