16 hours agotranslators(svn r26944) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0: default tip
37 hours agoplanetmaker(svn r26943) -Fix: [Win32] Silence a warning about comparison of signed and unsigned variables when using gcc
46 hours agopeter1138(svn r26942) -Codechange: Make sprite aligner useful for people making full-zoom graphics.
46 hours agopeter1138(svn r26941) -Codechange: Make NewGRF sprite aligner work with GUI size.
2 days agorubidium(svn r26940) -Fix (r26937): comparing values of different signedness
2 days agorubidium(svn r26939) -Cleanup: some bits of coding style cleanup for TGP
2 days agorubidium(svn r26938) -Codechange: simplify RandomHeight significantly
2 days agorubidium(svn r26937) -Cleanup: simplify the logic for heightmap generation in TGP; instead of performing more and more loops the larger the map becomes to elaborately set the height to 0 many times, just run it for each frequency and be done with it
2 days agotranslators(svn r26936) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
3 days agopeter1138(svn r26935) -Codechange: Fit company colour selection drop down list to UI scale.
4 days agopeter1138(svn r26934) -Fix (r26933): Don't statically initialise non-static variables.
4 days agopeter1138(svn r26933) -Codechange: Resize engine preview window to fit vehicle sprite.
4 days agorubidium(svn r26932) -Codechange: replace some constants with less weird looking constants and simplify clamping by actually using Clamp
4 days agotranslators(svn r26931) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
4 days agorubidium(svn r26930) -Add: extra shadings to he heightmap colour tables (Chillcore)
4 days agorubidium(svn r26929) -Change: accounts for maximum height when filling the height legend of the smallmap
4 days agorubidium(svn r26928) -Change: scale the heightmap colours over the whole range of heights (based on patch by ic111)
4 days agorubidium(svn r26927) -Codechange: split the heightmap colour tables into their own file in the table folder
5 days agorubidium(svn r26926) -Change: limit flat world height to the maximum configured map height
5 days agotranslators(svn r26925) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
5 days agopeter1138(svn r26924) -Codechange: Fit YES/NO query window buttons to window, instead of unaligned.
5 days agopeter1138(svn r26923) -Codechange: Make multiplayer lobby fit to icon size.
6 days agofrosch(svn r26922) -Fix: Include strings.h on HAIKU for strcasecmp. Some platforms do not have a strings.h at all, most define the functions in string.h as well.
6 days agopeter1138(svn r26921) -Codechange: Adjust content window listing to fit icon size.
6 days agotranslators(svn r26920) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
6 days agopeter1138(svn r26919) -Fix [FS#6096]: Crash when enabling "Full animation" if multiplayer chat text is on screen.
7 days agofonsinchen(svn r26918) -Fix [FS#6110]: Reserve cargo only after unloading finished or if the vehicle has the desired cargo already
7 days agofonsinchen(svn r26917) -Revert (r26857): It broke improved loading.
7 days agotranslators(svn r26916) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
7 days agofrosch(svn r26915) -Fix: API docs
8 days agotranslators(svn r26912) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
9 days agorubidium(svn r26911) -Change: increase maximum possible flat land height in scenario editor to be entered directly (ic111)
9 days agorubidium(svn r26910) -Fix: account for the height of the landscape at the edge of the map to determine the scroll boundaries (based on patch by ic111)
9 days agotranslators(svn r26909) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
9 days agorubidium(svn r26908) -Codechange: replace a magic number by a more logical calculation
9 days agopeter1138(svn r26907) -Codechange: Scale engine purchase list to GUI zoom level for multihead engines.
10 days agopeter1138(svn r26906) -Codechange: Scale depot and station picker buttons by GUI zoom level.
10 days agorubidium(svn r26905) -Change: account for the maximum map height when converting heightmaps
10 days agorubidium(svn r26904) -Fix: account for the height level for showing the seen area in the viewport (ic111)
10 days agotranslators(svn r26903) -Update from WebTranslator v3.0:
10 days agorubidium(svn r26902) -Fix (r26900): erroneous spaces instead of tabs
10 days agorubidium(svn r26901) -Fix [FS#6120]: typo in string
10 days agorubidium(svn r26900) -Fix-ish: dirty the appropriate area around map edges when terraforming there to prevent any artefacts from occuring (ic111)
10 days agorubidium(svn r26899) -Codechange: reduce the amount of tiles that needs to be drawn by taking the height of tiles into account instead of drawing way too many (ic111)
10 days agorubidium(svn r26898) -Fix: hopefully make regression under MinGW work again
10 days agofonsinchen(svn r26897) -Change: Add some more AIStationList autotests
10 days agofonsinchen(svn r26896) -Codechange: Move AIStationList* tests to separate test case
10 days agofonsinchen(svn r26895) -Change: Allow for multiple independent test cases for AI API regression
10 days agofonsinchen(svn r26894) -Feature: Swap method for script lists
10 days agofonsinchen(svn r26893) -Feature: ScriptStationList_Cargo for sorting cargo by from and via
10 days agofonsinchen(svn r26892) -Feature: Script API for retrieving planned flow
10 days agofonsinchen(svn r26891) -Codechange: Add methods to retrieve flows from a FlowStatMap
10 days agorubidium(svn r26890) -Cleanup: remove unneeded obfuscation via IConsoleSetSetting
10 days agofonsinchen(svn r26889) -Feature: Predict links for station-autorefitting vehicles
10 days agorubidium(svn r26888) -Codechange: use ints for some z-levels of vehicles (ic111)
10 days agorubidium(svn r26887) -Add: cheat for changing the height level (mostly due to the mess with changing snow levels and such)
10 days agorubidium(svn r26886) -Change (r26885): the max height setting belongs more in the limitations section of the settings
10 days agorubidium(svn r26885) -Feature-ish: user interface for limiting the maximum height of a map
10 days agorubidium(svn r26884) -Change: scale the NewGRF's snow line level according to the configured maximum map height
10 days agorubidium(svn r26883) -Change: make maximum desert height scale with the maximum configured height